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>Google Transit – Unofficial Transit Feeds Clearinghouse

> There’s an active Google Transit development community, both professional and amateur.  I just read this announcement on the “Transit Developers” Google Group: I’m happy to share with this list details about a project I have been working on to … Continue reading

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>Manly bike for sale

> This guy is willing to sell you his bike. Thanks, “It’s Just a Ride”.

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>The Grass is Always Greener

> Subway Blogger from NYC loves Metro’s cleanliness and aesthetic appeal. I like NYC’s express trains, fixed, simple fares, monthly passes, 24 hour service, and stations that don’t take 5 minutes to get to the platform because they’re 35 stories … Continue reading

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>NYC and Derelict Vehicles

> I recently wrote a post about abandoned vehicles, comparing DC’s requirements for abandoned cars to other jurisdictions.  I got a response from the NYC Department of Transportation stating that it’s actually Department of Sanitation that handles burnt out or … Continue reading

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>The Economics of Gift Giving

> Do you hate getting fruitcake, tacky Santa figurines or socks for Christmas? A not-so-recent economics paper by Joel Waldfogel in the American Economic Review analyzes the "deadweight loss of Christmas", all that economic value where the gift you receive … Continue reading

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>Raise the Gas Tax Now?

> According to Gasbuddy’s graphing tool, the average retail price of unleaded regular gasoline has dropped from $4.08 per gallon to $2.57 per gallon. A big part of it is the slowdown in the economy, and it’s generally bad to … Continue reading

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>World Electoral College Map

> Going back to my “Infosnack” roots, here’s an interesting map by The Economist magazine that shows an electoral college map of the world, if such a thing existed.  Apparently the world heavily leans toward Obama, though I think the … Continue reading

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