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>Board to Catoe: Cut service to balance the budget

> According to this draft resolution, the Board will consider providing the following guidance to GM Catoe for preparing the FY 2011 budget, which starts next July: Assume that jurisdiction subsidies will not likely increase Assume a fare increase in … Continue reading

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>Arlington Democrats to select candidate for 47th District – Vote June 9th

> After serving since 2004, Delegate Al Eisenberg is retiring.  Thanks to Mr. Eisenberg for representing my district these past five years in Richmond.  His staff was responsive to my questions and concerns during legislative sessions, and for the most … Continue reading

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>Bailout Borrowing

> According to the US Treasury Department’s public debt website, our public debt has increased almost $1T since September 15th. has the chart, click for full view: This is one of the fastest accumulations of debt in US history, … Continue reading

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>WMATA’s 10 Year, $11B Capital Plan

> Last week, WMATA announced over $11B in capital improvement spending needs. Where would the money be spent? I found a staff report (PDF) before the Planning, Development and Real Estate Committee of the Board that laid out what WMATA … Continue reading

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>How much "Pork" is there really?

> I had to chuckle at this post on Economist’s View.  Keep in mind that our deficit is running more than 10% of the federal budget, so eliminating the small sliver of "Pork" isn’t going to do it.  Economist’s View … Continue reading

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>Social Security Tricks

>Kiplinger’s magazine, to which I subscribe, is not always useful since it seems to concentrate on stock tips, and I rarely buy common stocks. Recently, they have run a series of articles that are aggravating and infuriating to me, because … Continue reading

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>Interesting analysis of Obama’s tax plan

>Over at The American, there’s this interesting analysis of Obama’s tax plan. Their chart illustrates one of the difficult tradeoffs that politicians have to make when designing tax relief intended for the “middle class” or the poor. These tax relief … Continue reading

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