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>Metrorail Breaks Down Twice as Often as NYC’s Worst Line

> WMATA posts its service interruptions daily. They also report monthly (PDF) to the Customer Service, Operations, and Safety Committee of the WMATA Board. I compiled the Metrorail service interruption data for May 2008. My method and categories are described … Continue reading

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>Ridership Data for H Street Line (X2)

> By popular demand and to aid in understanding any Streetcar development, I did the same ridership presentation for the H Street line (X2).  The data is for westbound weekday traffic.  I improved the presentation somewhat: Color coding makes more … Continue reading

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>Free Parking near the Navy Yard! Commuters Welcome!

> Do you agree with this statement? The District of Columbia should give out a free parking space worth between $960-1440 per year to out-of-state commuters on a first-come, first-served basis, in an area where a parking space sells for … Continue reading

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>Back from trip – NYT Olympic Medals Graphic

>I’m still recovering from my trip to CA, so all I have to offer this morning is this NYT Graphic depicting medal counts for all the Summer Olympic games of the modern era. Enjoy. I noticed a couple things: Communist … Continue reading

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>Anatomy of Peak Ridership for WMATA

>I recently received some data from WMATA, in the form of the ridership for various half-hour portions of a typical May workday. Due to security concerns, the WMATA contact asked me to report the data only as “peaking factors”, which … Continue reading

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