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>Arlington Democrats to select candidate for 47th District – Vote June 9th

> After serving since 2004, Delegate Al Eisenberg is retiring.  Thanks to Mr. Eisenberg for representing my district these past five years in Richmond.  His staff was responsive to my questions and concerns during legislative sessions, and for the most … Continue reading

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>Transit Prices – Time to go "all you can eat"?

> When you pay for transportation, whether it’s for driving a private car or taking mass transit, there’s a continuum of payment methods, with "pay-per-use" on one end of the scale, and "unlimited use" on the other. Does the choice … Continue reading

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>Virginia 2009 Legislative Season – Transportation Roundup

> Virginia’s Legislative Process is pretty easy for citizens to understand and follow, due to some constitutionally mandated practices. Each bill can be about only one topic, legislators are limited to a certain number of bills per year, and the … Continue reading

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>Raise the Gas Tax Now?

> According to Gasbuddy’s graphing tool, the average retail price of unleaded regular gasoline has dropped from $4.08 per gallon to $2.57 per gallon. A big part of it is the slowdown in the economy, and it’s generally bad to … Continue reading

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>Quick post on recharging electric cars

>I saw this in the comments section for a Washington Post Outlook section article on electric cars: [W]e need to revolutionize our batteries. The Tesla electric car (which may or may not actually make it to production) is aiming for … Continue reading

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>Energy Bulletin – Congressman’s views on energy

> has this excellent post analyzing some of the energy talking points that are out there. I wish the post had had something about ethanol since there are definitely a lot of myths out there.

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>National Arboretum

>For Labor Day, I went to the National Arboretum with my son. For the first time, I took “our” bike (he sits in a Bobike mini front child seat). I highly recommend seeing the arboretum by bike if you can. … Continue reading

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