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>Corn Ethanol and Economics

>Mark sent in a question about corn ethanol, and I think the best way to respond is with a link to, which I think does the best job of analyzing the data out there to look into the possibilities. … Continue reading

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>Transit Tourism – Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Francisco

> IMG_1329Originally uploaded by infosnackhq I’ve got a new photostream of my transit tourism in California here. I haven’t used Flickr much yet so I’m still getting the hang of adding descriptions and comments.

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> – Consumer Watchdog

>I have a new favorite blog over at They document the fine print in advertising or packaging that completely contradicts what the main text is saying. They also document the slowly shrinking product packaging that manufacturers use to hide … Continue reading

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>Back from trip – NYT Olympic Medals Graphic

>I’m still recovering from my trip to CA, so all I have to offer this morning is this NYT Graphic depicting medal counts for all the Summer Olympic games of the modern era. Enjoy. I noticed a couple things: Communist … Continue reading

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>Light Posting this Week

>In case you haven’t figured it out so far, there will be light posting until Monday because I’m on vacation in California. When I return, photos and a report from riding the VTA light rail in San Jose, CA, from … Continue reading

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>CAFE Standards Analysis

>Ok, I’m not an expert on the subject by any means, but I did promise that I would look into Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards for the readership. First, go check out the wikipedia page on the subject. Go ahead, … Continue reading

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>Interesting analysis of Obama’s tax plan

>Over at The American, there’s this interesting analysis of Obama’s tax plan. Their chart illustrates one of the difficult tradeoffs that politicians have to make when designing tax relief intended for the “middle class” or the poor. These tax relief … Continue reading

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