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>WMATA proposes $103 million in operating expense cuts for FY 2010

> WMATA has posted a special report to be presented to the Board of Directors’ "Special Budget Committee" at 9am tomorrow morning.  The big picture:  WMATA faces a $176M budget gap, due mostly to increased personnel costs ($99M) and the … Continue reading

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>Bombardier premiers contactless, no-wires light rail power system

> Bombardier, the manufacturer of Flexity light rail vehicles, just announced and demonstrated a new power system for light rail vehicles that doesn’t have an overhead wire, called PRIMOVE.  Additionally, the power system transfers energy by induction, so no electrical … Continue reading

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>According to the Illinois legislature, carbon reduction is worth $400-700 per ton

> Mother Jones publishes this article, which analyzes the cost/benefit of a new “Clean Coal” project in Illinois.  The project is based on a state requirement for “clean” energy, and costs $0.20 per kWh compared to $0.11 per kWh on … Continue reading

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>Congratulations, WMATA

> The numbers are still increasing, but it looks like WMATA will almost certainly finish up above 1,000,000 Metrorail riders today (it’s at 973,000 as of 7pm, with 7 hours of service to go), breaking yesterday’s record of almost 867,000, … Continue reading

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>SEPTA’s plea to quiet car riders: "Use your ‘inside voice’"

> As the proud daddy of a 2-year old, I can completely understand one of SEPTA‘s (Philadelphia Transit) request for riders in their "quiet cars" on commuter rail: Keep conversations with other passengers short using their best "inside voice" Well … Continue reading

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>WMATA’s Smartrip supplier underpromises and overdelivers

>After being able to promise only 30,000 commemorative Obama Inauguration Smartrip cards as of November, it appears that WMATA’s transit card supplier, Giesecke and Devrient, managed to provide that many and more. According to this article, G&D has delivered over … Continue reading

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>What information do people request from WMATA?

> I was curious about what information people are requesting from WMATA through the public access to records policy (PARP) process (PDF).  PARP is WMATA’s version of FOIA, an important way of obtaining information from government agencies.  I requested and … Continue reading

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