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>Bus On-time performance statistics at Metro

> Every month, Metro’s customer service committee looks at a presentation on operating statistics, which includes a chart showing the latest bus “on-time performance” percentage.  Usually, the number is around 73-75% and reflects the number of buses that arrive within … Continue reading

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>All 50 States

> Based on Google Analytics, I’ve now had a visit from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  Thanks, everyone!

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>Who’s using GTFS data – UniBus review

> After Metro released schedule and route information in GTFS format, I’ve been looking for a good schedule and route finding app for the iPhone/iPod Touch.  There are two applications I found that fit the bill, iTransitBuddy (reviewed earlier) and … Continue reading

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>Who’s using GTFS data? – iTransitBuddy review

> After Metro released its schedule data in Google Transit Feed Specification format, I wanted an iPod/iPhone app that would let me find out quickly how long it would be until the next bus or train. There are a lot … Continue reading

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>Metrorail budget has been flat over the past 10 years

> Ever waited 20 minutes for an on-time Metrorail train?  If you regularly ride after 9pm, you have.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  If the Metrorail subsidy had increased with the rate of inflation over the past … Continue reading

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