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>Fake State Board of Elections Flyer: Vote on November 5th if you’re a Democrat

> How dumb do Republican supporters think people are?  Take a look at this: “All Republican party supporters and independent voters supporting Republican candidates shall vote on November 4th as prescribed by law” “All Democratic party supporters and independent voters … Continue reading

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>Principles of Journalism

> Sometimes on Infosnack, I post trivial things.  Stuff like the humorous bracket of bank and finance corporation mergers that makes lighthearted fun of the recent credit crisis.  Stuff like what words I’m going to drink to for political speeches.  … Continue reading

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>Metro Center Advertising – Front Groups

> On my way to the Capital Criterium last Sunday, I noticed a strange theme to the advertising in Metro Center Station.  All the ads seemed to have some sort of pro-big-business slant to them.  Here are the ads I … Continue reading

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>Constitution of the Confederate States of America

>Here’s an interesting site that attempts to determine the real motivation behind the US Civil War by analyzing the differences between the CSA Constitution and the US Constitution, on which it was based.   Was it “states’ rights”, or slavery? … Continue reading

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>NYT letter to the editor on 401(k)s or IRAs

>The New York Times ran the following letter to the editor: The biggest problem for many people over 85 is not having enough money to live on. This is especially true of retirees who depend on a 401(k) or an … Continue reading

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>"Don’t Tax You, Don’t Tax Me, Tax the Fellow Behind the Tree"

>This paper by the Peter G. Peterson Foundation is better written than I could state, but it’s an idea that I’ve been rolling around in my head for two years. Back when my parents were young, the US Government decided … Continue reading

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>Spain: Apes have rights

>Presented without comment for the benefit of one particular reader (you know who you are). NY Times: Spain grants rights to Chimpanzees

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