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>Metrobus 70/71 Ridership Data

> Note:  This is before the Georgia Ave line had express service started with the 79 route.,-77.01725&spn=0.160234,0.120163&z=12&output=embed View Larger Map

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>Metro Extra 79 Ridership Data

> Here’s a Google Map I created from data I obtained from WMATA for the new Route 79 Georgia Ave Metro Extra Line:,-77.027206&spn=0.133513,0.102997&z=12&output=embed View Larger Map This line runs weekday rush hours only.

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>WMATA’s 10 Year, $11B Capital Plan

> Last week, WMATA announced over $11B in capital improvement spending needs. Where would the money be spent? I found a staff report (PDF) before the Planning, Development and Real Estate Committee of the Board that laid out what WMATA … Continue reading

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>Metrorail Breaks Down Twice as Often as NYC’s Worst Line

> WMATA posts its service interruptions daily. They also report monthly (PDF) to the Customer Service, Operations, and Safety Committee of the WMATA Board. I compiled the Metrorail service interruption data for May 2008. My method and categories are described … Continue reading

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>Welcome DCist Readers

>I didn’t know I was going to have “company”, so unfortunately the front page posts are not my best work right now.  Go ahead and click on one of my “greatest hits” to the right —> and it’ll be better … Continue reading

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>Debate Tonight – My "Drink Words"

>As with most political items on TV, I watch while playing a drinking game. For tonight’s presidential debates at 9pm EDT, my drink words will be: For Barack Obama, “Responsible” or its related words. For John McCain, “Extremist” or its … Continue reading

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>Peak Oil and Peak Music?

> Going back to Infosnack’s mission statement of finding interesting data and commenting on it, here’s a great graph.  Correlation does not imply causation, or does it?  Did the decline in US lower 48 oil production really cause a decline … Continue reading

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