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>Fairfax Connector proposes bus line changes

> Fairfax County has proposed cutting bus service for FY 2010 to close a $650M budget gap. Among the cuts are the complete elimination of fifteen routes, decreasing bus frequency on nine routes, cutting off weekend service on one route, … Continue reading

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>Metro’s options for balancing the budget

> There are essentially four options at this point for closing Metro’s $29M budget gap. In order of my preference: Jurisdictional subsidy increases. This would require local area governments to search hard in their budgets for any additional funding that … Continue reading

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>Metro "punts": Schedule data to be released by March 23

> Metro listened to the riders. Yesterday at the DC Council oversight hearing for WMATA, General Manager John Catoe announced that Metro will release schedule and routing information in the open Google Transit Feed Specification format. They will post the … Continue reading

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>Long-term Trends in Metro fares and Budget

> Metrorail fares increased recently in 2003, 2004 and in 2008.  What used to cost $1.10 now costs $1.65.  What’s going on?  Are Metrorail fares growing too fast?  Or is right, and the fares haven’t gone up enough compared … Continue reading

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>Happy Birthday, Infosnack.

> Infosnack is now one year old.  Thanks for reading, everyone.

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>CA Legislator Proposes State-wide Parking Reform – what about rural areas?

> California State Senator Lowenthal (D – 27th – Long Beach and vicinity) last week introduced a bill (pdf) that would require all California cities, counties and city/counties to reform parking laws.  The bill includes a menu of reforms, and … Continue reading

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