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>San Francisco board approves “parking toolbox” study

> The San Francisco County transportation authority board recently approved this extensive on street parking management and pricing report. As part of the report, the study team put together some neighborhood case studies that are relevant in Washington, DC, Arlington, … Continue reading

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>Performance Parking is the most important transportation upgrade

> Of all the transportation priorities DDOT has on its plate a full redesign of the District’s on-street parking environment using Performance Parking principles should be at the top. Performance parking is the only transportation upgrade that is self-financing in … Continue reading

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>Arlington Democrats to select candidate for 47th District – Vote June 9th

> After serving since 2004, Delegate Al Eisenberg is retiring.  Thanks to Mr. Eisenberg for representing my district these past five years in Richmond.  His staff was responsive to my questions and concerns during legislative sessions, and for the most … Continue reading

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>CA Legislator Proposes State-wide Parking Reform – what about rural areas?

> California State Senator Lowenthal (D – 27th – Long Beach and vicinity) last week introduced a bill (pdf) that would require all California cities, counties and city/counties to reform parking laws.  The bill includes a menu of reforms, and … Continue reading

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>Virginia "Crossover Day" – Legislative Update

> Virginia’s Legislative Process is now about halfway through the session. Virginia’s Constitution limits the length of the session to 60 days (90 days for a budget year), and bills have to be passed by February 10th of this year … Continue reading

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>According to the Illinois legislature, carbon reduction is worth $400-700 per ton

> Mother Jones publishes this article, which analyzes the cost/benefit of a new “Clean Coal” project in Illinois.  The project is based on a state requirement for “clean” energy, and costs $0.20 per kWh compared to $0.11 per kWh on … Continue reading

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>Video: The History of Parking

> Dr. Shoup, author of "The High Cost of Free Parking", one of my favorite books,  linked "Parking Public" (video embedded below) on Facebook.  I think it’s worth a look.  Lots of great 1940’s and 1950’s footage of the downtown … Continue reading

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>Coalition for Smarter Growth Needs Election Help

>Coalition for Smarter Growth called me to ask for help on election day.  I’ll be out of town on a work trip, but I did offer to help them get the word out about their volunteer opportunity.  Feel free to … Continue reading

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>I-66 Spot Improvements Update

> Executive Summary At an upcoming public meeting in Arlington, the Virginia Department of Transportation will be presenting environmental review documents to justify widening I-66 from two lanes to three lanes for significant portions between Rosslyn and West Falls Church.  … Continue reading

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>Where to Spend the Parking Money

> Dr. Shoup argues that the best use of parking meter revenue is to spend it locally on sidewalks and the pedestrian environment to improve physical appearance and walking conditions.  With that in mind, I took a short tour to … Continue reading

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