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>Board to Catoe: Cut service to balance the budget

> According to this draft resolution, the Board will consider providing the following guidance to GM Catoe for preparing the FY 2011 budget, which starts next July: Assume that jurisdiction subsidies will not likely increase Assume a fare increase in … Continue reading

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>Fairfax conducts economics experiment

> As part of the current fiscal years’ budget balancing measures, Fairfax County raised the price of express bus routes 380, 595 and 597 from $3.00 each way to $7.00 each way.  Their exact reasoning was not publicly stated, though … Continue reading

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>Metro trip planner problems

> Other than wanting to find out if they could be paid, the other reason Metro said they were not working on partnering with Google for their transit mapping service was the quality and availability of Metro’s own trip planner. … Continue reading

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>What’s left for WMATA and Google Transit?

> The Washington Post reported back in March that Metro had finally decided to release its transit schedule and routing information using the open Google Transit Feed Specification format. But a little while ago, I tweeted that WMATA and MBTA … Continue reading

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>Performance Parking is the most important transportation upgrade

> Of all the transportation priorities DDOT has on its plate a full redesign of the District’s on-street parking environment using Performance Parking principles should be at the top. Performance parking is the only transportation upgrade that is self-financing in … Continue reading

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>Bus On-time performance statistics at Metro

> Every month, Metro’s customer service committee looks at a presentation on operating statistics, which includes a chart showing the latest bus “on-time performance” percentage.  Usually, the number is around 73-75% and reflects the number of buses that arrive within … Continue reading

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>Who’s using GTFS data – UniBus review

> After Metro released schedule and route information in GTFS format, I’ve been looking for a good schedule and route finding app for the iPhone/iPod Touch.  There are two applications I found that fit the bill, iTransitBuddy (reviewed earlier) and … Continue reading

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