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>According to the Illinois legislature, carbon reduction is worth $400-700 per ton

> Mother Jones publishes this article, which analyzes the cost/benefit of a new “Clean Coal” project in Illinois.  The project is based on a state requirement for “clean” energy, and costs $0.20 per kWh compared to $0.11 per kWh on … Continue reading

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>Stop with the Hydrogen cars already

>This NY Times editorial is pushing the idea of hydrogen cars, yet again. First of all, the editorial staff is apparently confused about what Hydrogen actually is: A car powered by a ubiquitous, inexhaustible gas that emits nothing worse than … Continue reading

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>Cap and trade? Carbon tax? How about both!

>See this article for an interesting analysis of combining a carbon tax with an auctioned cap and trade system. Some hand calculations for the US give me that we could combine a $20 per metric ton carbon tax with a … Continue reading

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>Best Explanation of Externalities I’ve Seen

>Robert Frank of Cornell University has the best explanation of externalities and pigovian taxes I’ve seen: NYT Op-ed The idea is to tax the things you don’t want more of (like pollution and congestion that come from increased gasoline use) … Continue reading

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