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>Public art: would it make you ride Metro more?

> These presentations show new public art that the Metro Customer Service Committee and Board are expected to consider on Thursday.  The public art will be installed at five Metrorail stations in Tyson’s Corner and Reston, and at the entrance to … Continue reading

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>Principles of Journalism

> Sometimes on Infosnack, I post trivial things.  Stuff like the humorous bracket of bank and finance corporation mergers that makes lighthearted fun of the recent credit crisis.  Stuff like what words I’m going to drink to for political speeches.  … Continue reading

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>List of topics I’m working on

>I’m thinking about doing posts on the following topics: What happens when there is some completely unregulated street parking space surrounded by an area where there are meters and "resident only" restrictions? I took a tour of the Navy Yard … Continue reading

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>A really good energy posting – what should I study next?

>This article sent to me by my friend Geoff H., has interesting ideas about energy conservation. I don’t say I agree with all of them (why tax only imported oil? If you make US oil cheaper we’ll just burn it … Continue reading

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