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>Arlington Democrats to select candidate for 47th District – Vote June 9th

> After serving since 2004, Delegate Al Eisenberg is retiring.  Thanks to Mr. Eisenberg for representing my district these past five years in Richmond.  His staff was responsive to my questions and concerns during legislative sessions, and for the most … Continue reading

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>That’s a big deficit.

> Mankiw has a post up depicting what happened to our deficit this year.  Short story is we’re paying out about 27% of GDP and only collecting about 16% of GDP in taxes.  While that’s not as high as it … Continue reading

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>Does TurboTax make the tax code more complicated?

> So argued Howard Gleckman of the Tax Policy Center last week.  He states that because we have software and paid preparers, complicated tax provisions like the AMT are more likely to continue without complaint, rather than be removed from … Continue reading

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>Virginia 2009 Legislative Season – Transportation Roundup

> Virginia’s Legislative Process is pretty easy for citizens to understand and follow, due to some constitutionally mandated practices. Each bill can be about only one topic, legislators are limited to a certain number of bills per year, and the … Continue reading

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>Where to Spend the Parking Money

> Dr. Shoup argues that the best use of parking meter revenue is to spend it locally on sidewalks and the pedestrian environment to improve physical appearance and walking conditions.  With that in mind, I took a short tour to … Continue reading

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>Free Parking near the Navy Yard! Commuters Welcome!

> Do you agree with this statement? The District of Columbia should give out a free parking space worth between $960-1440 per year to out-of-state commuters on a first-come, first-served basis, in an area where a parking space sells for … Continue reading

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>Social Security Tricks

>Kiplinger’s magazine, to which I subscribe, is not always useful since it seems to concentrate on stock tips, and I rarely buy common stocks. Recently, they have run a series of articles that are aggravating and infuriating to me, because … Continue reading

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