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>Zimbabwe Revalues Currency

> This FT article states the inevitable news that Zimbabwe has decided to revalue its currency by removing 10 zeroes from the amounts. Essentially, $10,000,000,000 old Zimbabwe dollars is now a single new zimbabwe dollar, although it’s still only worth … Continue reading

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>Social Security – Progressivity vs. Generosity

>Returning to the mission statement of Infosnack Headquarters (to find and present interesting pieces of information I find…), I give you an interesting comparison of various old-age pension systems in industrialized countries around the world. There’s a strong inverse correlation … Continue reading

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>Zimbabwe, sham elections and hyperinflation

>Zimbabwe held sham elections today. They’re not even trying. People are instructed to copy down the serial number of their ballot so it can be verified that they voted for the country’s dictator, Robert Mugabe. Those who cannot prove they … Continue reading

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