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>San Francisco board approves “parking toolbox” study

> The San Francisco County transportation authority board recently approved this extensive on street parking management and pricing report. As part of the report, the study team put together some neighborhood case studies that are relevant in Washington, DC, Arlington, … Continue reading

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>Something "Infosnacky" for a change

> I don’t blog much about the data and stuff anymore, working on parking and transit issues takes up most of the blog time I have. But I saw this and wanted to share. What a fantastic presentation of data. … Continue reading

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>Board to Catoe: Cut service to balance the budget

> According to this draft resolution, the Board will consider providing the following guidance to GM Catoe for preparing the FY 2011 budget, which starts next July: Assume that jurisdiction subsidies will not likely increase Assume a fare increase in … Continue reading

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>Fairfax conducts economics experiment

> As part of the current fiscal years’ budget balancing measures, Fairfax County raised the price of express bus routes 380, 595 and 597 from $3.00 each way to $7.00 each way.  Their exact reasoning was not publicly stated, though … Continue reading

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>Performance Parking is the most important transportation upgrade

> Of all the transportation priorities DDOT has on its plate a full redesign of the District’s on-street parking environment using Performance Parking principles should be at the top. Performance parking is the only transportation upgrade that is self-financing in … Continue reading

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>That’s a big deficit.

> Mankiw has a post up depicting what happened to our deficit this year.  Short story is we’re paying out about 27% of GDP and only collecting about 16% of GDP in taxes.  While that’s not as high as it … Continue reading

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>Long-term Trends in Metro fares and Budget

> Metrorail fares increased recently in 2003, 2004 and in 2008.  What used to cost $1.10 now costs $1.65.  What’s going on?  Are Metrorail fares growing too fast?  Or is right, and the fares haven’t gone up enough compared … Continue reading

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