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>Board to Catoe: Cut service to balance the budget

> According to this draft resolution, the Board will consider providing the following guidance to GM Catoe for preparing the FY 2011 budget, which starts next July: Assume that jurisdiction subsidies will not likely increase Assume a fare increase in … Continue reading

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>That’s a big deficit.

> Mankiw has a post up depicting what happened to our deficit this year.  Short story is we’re paying out about 27% of GDP and only collecting about 16% of GDP in taxes.  While that’s not as high as it … Continue reading

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>Federal Budget Deficits

> I don’t have much time to post today, but I would just like to note that based on the graphic on the front cover of The Washington Post, the Federal taxes we pay in 2010 will only pay for … Continue reading

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>Metro Finances: Proposed Cuts Take Too Much from District

> According to this presentation which will be discussed before Metro’s Special Budget Committee, the previously discussed service cuts leave the District of Columbia with a $2.9M surplus at the end. This means that the previously proposed service cuts to … Continue reading

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>Stimulus with our children’s money

> Writer Jeff Johnson has an interesting and funny proposal for stimulating the economy in the New York Times.  It’s funny because it’s mostly true, we are stimulating the economy by borrowing from our children.

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>WMATA’s Economic Stimulus "Wish List"

> There’s been a lot of discussion recently about "shovel-ready" projects for economic stimulus.  A lot of the discussion has centered around the idea that highway and road projects are inherently "shovel-ready", while transit projects like new light rail systems … Continue reading

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>Bailout Borrowing

> According to the US Treasury Department’s public debt website, our public debt has increased almost $1T since September 15th. has the chart, click for full view: This is one of the fastest accumulations of debt in US history, … Continue reading

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