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>Infosnack and Greater Greater Washington Mentioned in the Post

>I was mentioned in the Washington Post. Woot. Probably because Unsuck DC Metro mentioned me or perhaps Lena Sun of the Post has my business card after I talked to her at a WMATA board meeting, before I was writing … Continue reading

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>All 50 States

> Based on Google Analytics, I’ve now had a visit from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  Thanks, everyone!

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>New Laptop

> I bought a Samsung NC20.  This laptop rocks.  It’s so tiny (but with a decent 1280×800 screen and a full-size feeling keyboard), fairly inexpensive (around $550), about 2 lbs lighter than my old one (Dell Inspiron 600m), and can … Continue reading

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>Does TurboTax make the tax code more complicated?

> So argued Howard Gleckman of the Tax Policy Center last week.  He states that because we have software and paid preparers, complicated tax provisions like the AMT are more likely to continue without complaint, rather than be removed from … Continue reading

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>Happy Birthday, Infosnack.

> Infosnack is now one year old.  Thanks for reading, everyone.

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>Someone get me a reader from North Dakota and Alaska

> Like many bloggers, I’m interested in who’s out there reading.  I use online tools out there to see reader statistics, Google Analytics and Feedburner are two of them.  One of my favorite features is in Google Analytics.  It displays … Continue reading

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>WMATA Inauguration Update

> WMATA opens its Customer Service Operations and Safety Committee (PDF) presentation on Inauguration Day preparations in the words of the Serenity Prayer: "God, grant me the courage to change the things I can, the serenity to accept the things … Continue reading

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>Bleg: Anyone have a high-speed scanner?

> I just received a very large document from WMATA:  The original 2003 contract with Cubic for Smartrip upgrades.  Unfortunately, it’s about 300 pages and all in paper.  I have a flatbed scanner but there’s no way I’m going to … Continue reading

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>Principles of the Social Security Program

> Andrew Biggs, my favorite blog for the conservative side of thinking about Social Security, linked to an informative piece by the Social Security Administration about the principles of the Social Security Program.  It’s worth a read.  In summary, the … Continue reading

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>Why I did not encourage you to vote

> Unlike many bloggers out there, I did not put up an election day post encouraging you to vote.  I figure most of my readers are going to go vote anyway, and those who aren’t probably wouldn’t be convinced by … Continue reading

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