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>Performance Parking is the most important transportation upgrade

> Of all the transportation priorities DDOT has on its plate a full redesign of the District’s on-street parking environment using Performance Parking principles should be at the top. Performance parking is the only transportation upgrade that is self-financing in … Continue reading

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>Virginia 2009 Legislative Season – Transportation Roundup

> Virginia’s Legislative Process is pretty easy for citizens to understand and follow, due to some constitutionally mandated practices. Each bill can be about only one topic, legislators are limited to a certain number of bills per year, and the … Continue reading

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>Parking Efficiency and Abandoned Cars

> In areas where parking space is at a premium, every space counts. That’s why it’s important that every vehicle parked there needs to be a vehicle that’s actually being used by its owner, and not just being stored there … Continue reading

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>Parking Reform Experience: Redwood City, California

> Redwood City, California was expecting big parking problems when it started revitalizing its downtown recently.  The revitalization was expected to add a lot of parking demand, especially in the evening.  Fox Theater, Little Fox Theater and Century Theaters formed … Continue reading

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>Where to Spend the Parking Money

> Dr. Shoup argues that the best use of parking meter revenue is to spend it locally on sidewalks and the pedestrian environment to improve physical appearance and walking conditions.  With that in mind, I took a short tour to … Continue reading

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>New Meters at Navy Yard

> Now it looks like DC is going to (finally) start charging for the use of its public streets there. Based on by observations, it’s definitely a large fraction of all-day commuters. I don’t specifically have a problem with the … Continue reading

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>List of topics I’m working on

>I’m thinking about doing posts on the following topics: What happens when there is some completely unregulated street parking space surrounded by an area where there are meters and "resident only" restrictions? I took a tour of the Navy Yard … Continue reading

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