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>Zimbabwe Revalues Currency

> This FT article states the inevitable news that Zimbabwe has decided to revalue its currency by removing 10 zeroes from the amounts. Essentially, $10,000,000,000 old Zimbabwe dollars is now a single new zimbabwe dollar, although it’s still only worth … Continue reading

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>Links Post – Apologies!

>Ok, so over the past week I’ve been collecting little snippets but not having time to comment on any of them. Since commenting on interesting things I find is the whole point behind Infosnack, I have to resort to a … Continue reading

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>My comment on why I support priced residential permit parking

>I wrote the following on Greater Greater Washington, in response to a complaint that by proposing prices as a way to solve the parking shortage, parking will be reserved for the wealthy, while everyone else will lose the flexibility of … Continue reading

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>A really good energy posting – what should I study next?

>This article sent to me by my friend Geoff H., has interesting ideas about energy conservation. I don’t say I agree with all of them (why tax only imported oil? If you make US oil cheaper we’ll just burn it … Continue reading

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>Arlington Parking Policies to change

>In the future, Arlington County residents and visitors could find that getting a convenient place to park has become much easier and convenient — and possibly a little more expensive. That’s one of the policy goals of the county’s new … Continue reading

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>WSJ on gas tax revenue

>This Wall Street Journal Article states that the House passed a bill to transfer $8B from the general fund to the highway fund. People are driving more fuel-efficient cars, and driving them less, while inflation has eaten away at the … Continue reading

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>Arlington Public Schools’ I-66 Garage

>Recently on Greater Greater Washington, there’s been some interest in the parking garage above I-66 between N Stafford Street and N Quincy Streets. I made some calls to find out the story behind the garage. The garage was constructed as … Continue reading

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