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>Cap and trade? Carbon tax? How about both!

>See this article for an interesting analysis of combining a carbon tax with an auctioned cap and trade system. Some hand calculations for the US give me that we could combine a $20 per metric ton carbon tax with a … Continue reading

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>Create your own federal budget

>From American Public Media (Producers of Marketplace), here’s the interactive game, “Budget Hero”. This game has great production values, presents the information clearly, allows you to set priorities and gives good feedback on the results. My draconian plan to cut … Continue reading

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>Best Explanation of Externalities I’ve Seen

>Robert Frank of Cornell University has the best explanation of externalities and pigovian taxes I’ve seen: NYT Op-ed The idea is to tax the things you don’t want more of (like pollution and congestion that come from increased gasoline use) … Continue reading

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>Proposal on Entitlement Spending Reform

>I have to hand it to Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), his American Roadmap may be the first proposal from a sitting politician that would functionally fix the problem of entitlement spending growth. In my opinion, however, it fixes the problem … Continue reading

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>This made me crack up. Also, mucho transit data

>Some train systems in Japan have Oshiya, or “Pushers” to “help” people onto the train. I want to know what it looks like 1) inside the train and 2) at the other end of the line. Usually when I get … Continue reading

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>WMATA the most expensive rail system in the US

>After a fairly comprehensive review of the fare and pass policies in place throughout the US, and my personal experience riding transit in Europe, I challenge anyone out there to name a rail transit system that costs more per month … Continue reading

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>This weekend CSC Invitational Arlington

>I’ll be attending the CSC Invitational Bike Race in Arlington VA this weekend. Correction, I’ll be going when the actual race is, on June 1. There are a number of races, but I’ll probably be at the Men’s professional 100km … Continue reading

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