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>Metro to share parking with new hotel

> At this week’s Planning, Development and Real Estate Committee meeting, the committee will consider a proposal to enter an agreement with Marriott, who will be constructing a 162-room hotel on the Prince George’s Plaza Metro station site as part … Continue reading

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>Connect Barracks Row: New study of Barracks Row

> The urban planning students at the University of Maryland want your opinion on how you see the southern part of 8th St SE, between M Street and the freeway. I work right near there and go to Chicken Tortilla … Continue reading

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>Coalition for Smarter Growth Needs Election Help

>Coalition for Smarter Growth called me to ask for help on election day.  I’ll be out of town on a work trip, but I did offer to help them get the word out about their volunteer opportunity.  Feel free to … Continue reading

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>Parking Minimums Strike Again

> I saw this over on JDLand: According to the presentation, the new office building would use the same design as the condo building, with a few tweaks (they appear to be wanting to get rid of the turret in … Continue reading

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>Where to Spend the Parking Money

> Dr. Shoup argues that the best use of parking meter revenue is to spend it locally on sidewalks and the pedestrian environment to improve physical appearance and walking conditions.  With that in mind, I took a short tour to … Continue reading

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>Arlington’s "Super Stops" Pilot Approved

>At the Finance, Administration and Oversight Committee meeting yesterday, WMATA’s committee approved a plan for Arlington County to upgrade three bus stops along Columbia Pike to “Super Stops”, which will have heated seats, glass enclosures and upgraded curbs. There’s a … Continue reading

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>A nickel a gallon

>Assuming that demand for gasoline is relatively inelastic (seems to be true, we’ve doubled the price but only cut demand a couple percent — I’ve seen a paper citing a short term elasticity as low as 0.03), then a 5 … Continue reading

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