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>Streetcar on the “Honor System”

> Like most other rail street transit systems in the world, the DC streetcar should be on the honor system.  This system requires passengers riding the streetcar to have proof that their current ride is paid for, but does not … Continue reading

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>Metro approves contract for Smartrip upgrades, bus riders to get first passes

> I wrote last year about how Metro is working on upgrades to the Smartrip program so you’ll be able to do things like go online to check your recent trips, recharge your Smartrip card online or automatically by credit … Continue reading

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>Transit Prices – Time to go "all you can eat"?

> When you pay for transportation, whether it’s for driving a private car or taking mass transit, there’s a continuum of payment methods, with "pay-per-use" on one end of the scale, and "unlimited use" on the other. Does the choice … Continue reading

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>Metro’s General Manager to discuss Smartrip Upgrades – Passes in 10 months!

> At this coming Thursday’s meeting of Metro’s Customer Service Operations and Safety (CSOS) Committee, the General Manager, John Catoe, will discuss the plan of action and milestones for upgrading Smartrip cards.  The schedule for key enhancements is: Present-August 2009:  … Continue reading

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>My estimates on number of Metro transit passes were not too bad

> Earlier this year, I estimated the number of transit passes sold by WMATA.  This week, WMATA published their estimate (see page 15).  Here they are:   My Estimate WMATA Report Short Rail Pass 2,433 per week 1,800-2,100 per week … Continue reading

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>The "Other" reason behind eliminating paper transfers

> Metro is eliminating paper transfers as of January 4th.  According to this presentation before the Customer Service Operations and Safety (CSOS) Committee of the WMATA Board, 25% of bus riders use a bus paper transfer, and 2% use a … Continue reading

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>WMATA: You Can Add Fare to Smartrip at a Giant Now, So Stop Complaining About Delayed Upgrades

> On Thursday, I provided public comment to the WMATA board.  Here’s a summary: "WMATA should embrace new technology for presenting schedule and routefinding information.  Google Transit is one such technology already used by major transit agencies around the US, … Continue reading

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