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>Delays involving single tracking

> Like thousands of other Metrorail riders, I was affected by both track equipment derailment incidents last Thursday, which caused single tracking of the Orange line in the morning rush hour periods as well as the evening rush hour.  This … Continue reading

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>Federal Budget Deficits

> I don’t have much time to post today, but I would just like to note that based on the graphic on the front cover of The Washington Post, the Federal taxes we pay in 2010 will only pay for … Continue reading

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>Transit Prices – Time to go "all you can eat"?

> When you pay for transportation, whether it’s for driving a private car or taking mass transit, there’s a continuum of payment methods, with "pay-per-use" on one end of the scale, and "unlimited use" on the other. Does the choice … Continue reading

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>Metro Finances: Proposed Cuts Take Too Much from District

> According to this presentation which will be discussed before Metro’s Special Budget Committee, the previously discussed service cuts leave the District of Columbia with a $2.9M surplus at the end. This means that the previously proposed service cuts to … Continue reading

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>WMATA proposes bus line elimination, headway widenings, station entrance closures

> Today’s Finance Administration and Oversight working meeting today had WMATA chief John Catoe and Chief Financial Officer Carol Kissal discussing potential "service adjustments" (service cuts) in order to close the remaining $73M budget hole for the 2010 fiscal year, … Continue reading

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>Stimulus with our children’s money

> Writer Jeff Johnson has an interesting and funny proposal for stimulating the economy in the New York Times.  It’s funny because it’s mostly true, we are stimulating the economy by borrowing from our children.

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>Metro considers 16th Street limited-stop bus service

> Metro’s finance committee is going to be considering a plan to start up a 16th Street limited-stop bus service. For the first 15 months, the service will be financed by the District, but if the line meets certain performance … Continue reading

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