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>Bombardier premiers contactless, no-wires light rail power system

> Bombardier, the manufacturer of Flexity light rail vehicles, just announced and demonstrated a new power system for light rail vehicles that doesn’t have an overhead wire, called PRIMOVE.  Additionally, the power system transfers energy by induction, so no electrical … Continue reading

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>According to the Illinois legislature, carbon reduction is worth $400-700 per ton

> Mother Jones publishes this article, which analyzes the cost/benefit of a new “Clean Coal” project in Illinois.  The project is based on a state requirement for “clean” energy, and costs $0.20 per kWh compared to $0.11 per kWh on … Continue reading

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>Peak Oil and Peak Music?

> Going back to Infosnack’s mission statement of finding interesting data and commenting on it, here’s a great graph.  Correlation does not imply causation, or does it?  Did the decline in US lower 48 oil production really cause a decline … Continue reading

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>How much "Pork" is there really?

> I had to chuckle at this post on Economist’s View.  Keep in mind that our deficit is running more than 10% of the federal budget, so eliminating the small sliver of "Pork" isn’t going to do it.  Economist’s View … Continue reading

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>List of topics I’m working on

>I’m thinking about doing posts on the following topics: What happens when there is some completely unregulated street parking space surrounded by an area where there are meters and "resident only" restrictions? I took a tour of the Navy Yard … Continue reading

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>Quick post on recharging electric cars

>I saw this in the comments section for a Washington Post Outlook section article on electric cars: [W]e need to revolutionize our batteries. The Tesla electric car (which may or may not actually make it to production) is aiming for … Continue reading

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>Energy Bulletin – Congressman’s views on energy

> has this excellent post analyzing some of the energy talking points that are out there. I wish the post had had something about ethanol since there are definitely a lot of myths out there.

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