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>Streetcar on the “Honor System”

> Like most other rail street transit systems in the world, the DC streetcar should be on the honor system.  This system requires passengers riding the streetcar to have proof that their current ride is paid for, but does not … Continue reading

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>According to the Illinois legislature, carbon reduction is worth $400-700 per ton

> Mother Jones publishes this article, which analyzes the cost/benefit of a new “Clean Coal” project in Illinois.  The project is based on a state requirement for “clean” energy, and costs $0.20 per kWh compared to $0.11 per kWh on … Continue reading

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>Quick post on recharging electric cars

>I saw this in the comments section for a Washington Post Outlook section article on electric cars: [W]e need to revolutionize our batteries. The Tesla electric car (which may or may not actually make it to production) is aiming for … Continue reading

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>Corn Ethanol and Economics

>Mark sent in a question about corn ethanol, and I think the best way to respond is with a link to, which I think does the best job of analyzing the data out there to look into the possibilities. … Continue reading

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>CAFE Standards Analysis

>Ok, I’m not an expert on the subject by any means, but I did promise that I would look into Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards for the readership. First, go check out the wikipedia page on the subject. Go ahead, … Continue reading

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