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>Metro will open at 4am on "Black Friday"

> According to Jim Graham at the WMATA board meeting last Thursday, the District of Columbia has agreed to pay to run Metro’s services one hour early, starting at 4am, on Friday, November 28th.  The effort is intended to help … Continue reading

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>After borrowing $1T last quarter, the US Government can now borrow for free

> Take a look at this.  The yield on the 3-month Treasury bill, an instrument the US Government uses for short-term borrowing, has dropped to zero, or a couple of hundredths of a percent away from zero. Who are the … Continue reading

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>Minnesota Ballot Recount: How hard is determining voter intent?

> I enjoyed taking a look at these challenged ballots from the Senate race in Minnesota.  For some of these, it’s really hard to try to figure out what the voter wanted.  Especially the voter who bubbled in next to … Continue reading

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>CVS to start selling Smartrip cards

> At this week’s meeting, the Metro Board of Directors will consider a proposal to allow CVS to sell Smartrip cards at 187 area stores.  A Smartrip card preloaded with $5 in value will be available for $10, the same … Continue reading

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>Metro to share parking with new hotel

> At this week’s Planning, Development and Real Estate Committee meeting, the committee will consider a proposal to enter an agreement with Marriott, who will be constructing a 162-room hotel on the Prince George’s Plaza Metro station site as part … Continue reading

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>Mount Pleasant 1D05 Parking Supply Estimate

> As part of the debate over Washington, DC’s resident permit parking program, the issue of maximum allowable permits came up during the recent Performance Parking Hearing chaired by Councilmember Graham.  I decided to take a look at a typical … Continue reading

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>Metro’s best- and worst-performing bus lines (and how they decide)

>Metro produces a bus productivity report annually. As part of the report, Metro highlights the “Worst Performing” lines, ones that don’t meet the following criteria: At least 300 passengers per day At least 1.3 passengers per revenue mile At least … Continue reading

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>Transit Wayfinding

> One of the interesting comments at the parking hearing I attended was from one of my panel-mates, a businessman from Adams Morgan. He stated that if people only knew that the 42 bus went to Adams Morgan from Dupont … Continue reading

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>Happy Birthday Mom

> Today is my mom’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Mom!).  I thought she deserves a blog tribute even more than my dad, so here it is: First, a note of thanks. Mom, thanks for everything you taught me, it’s more than … Continue reading

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>Metro profits on Smartrip sales

> Metro riders have become accustomed to paying $5 for a Smartrip card, and Metro has long maintained that they are passing on the cost of a card to the riders.  However, this exchange from this past week’s Customer Service … Continue reading

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