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>Arlington Democrats to select candidate for 47th District – Vote June 9th

> After serving since 2004, Delegate Al Eisenberg is retiring.  Thanks to Mr. Eisenberg for representing my district these past five years in Richmond.  His staff was responsive to my questions and concerns during legislative sessions, and for the most … Continue reading

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>That’s a big deficit.

> Mankiw has a post up depicting what happened to our deficit this year.  Short story is we’re paying out about 27% of GDP and only collecting about 16% of GDP in taxes.  While that’s not as high as it … Continue reading

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>Stimulus with our children’s money

> Writer Jeff Johnson has an interesting and funny proposal for stimulating the economy in the New York Times.  It’s funny because it’s mostly true, we are stimulating the economy by borrowing from our children.

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>Virginia 2009 Legislative Season – Transportation Roundup

> Virginia’s Legislative Process is pretty easy for citizens to understand and follow, due to some constitutionally mandated practices. Each bill can be about only one topic, legislators are limited to a certain number of bills per year, and the … Continue reading

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>Minnesota Ballot Recount: How hard is determining voter intent?

> I enjoyed taking a look at these challenged ballots from the Senate race in Minnesota.  For some of these, it’s really hard to try to figure out what the voter wanted.  Especially the voter who bubbled in next to … Continue reading

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>New charts to explain entitlement spending problem

> has another easy-to-understand presentation on our nation’s entitlement spending problem.

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>Raise the Gas Tax Now?

> According to Gasbuddy’s graphing tool, the average retail price of unleaded regular gasoline has dropped from $4.08 per gallon to $2.57 per gallon. A big part of it is the slowdown in the economy, and it’s generally bad to … Continue reading

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>World Electoral College Map

> Going back to my “Infosnack” roots, here’s an interesting map by The Economist magazine that shows an electoral college map of the world, if such a thing existed.  Apparently the world heavily leans toward Obama, though I think the … Continue reading

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>Fake State Board of Elections Flyer: Vote on November 5th if you’re a Democrat

> How dumb do Republican supporters think people are?  Take a look at this: “All Republican party supporters and independent voters supporting Republican candidates shall vote on November 4th as prescribed by law” “All Democratic party supporters and independent voters … Continue reading

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>Last Day for Virginia Absentee Ballot Applications

> If you’re a Virginia voter, the registrar must receive your application by 5pm Tuesday if you want your absentee ballot mailed to you.  Arlington’s registrar accepted my application by fax, so that’s a quick option for those with access … Continue reading

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