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>Metro’s using $1 coins in fare machines

> I didn’t see this announced anywhere else, but over on the WMATA youtube channel there’s a video starring Metro’s Chief Financial Officer, Carol Kissal, and Ed Moy, the Director of the US Mint announcing that Metro fare vending machines … Continue reading

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>Starting New Parking Survey

> I’m starting a new parking survey of the 500-700 blocks of M Street SE, right near where I work.  My goal for the survey is to find out when the peak of parking demand is for these spaces.  My … Continue reading

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>Phoenix area town seeks federal funds for useless parking garage

> According to this article, Gilbert, AZ is considering seeking federal stimulus funding for a parking garage.  The Gilbert, AZ garage is projected to cost $7.5M for 350 spaces (not sure if that’s total or marginal) but that’s $21,400 per … Continue reading

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>Smartrip will be available at CVS

>It might be a transit geek’s favorite stocking stuffer, and this year it will be available at CVS just in time for Christmas. According to this press release, CVS will start selling the Smartrip rechargeable farecard starting December 23 at … Continue reading

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>Metro declines to partner with Google Transit

> Three years after the launch of Google Transit, which gives directions using transit on Google Maps, and after constant requests by riders and bloggers, WMATA’s Director of Customer Service, Brett Tyler, announced their decision that participating in Google Transit … Continue reading

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>What do Smartrip Cards Cost?

> According to the Director of Customer Service for WMATA, the direct cost for a Smartrip card is $3.50 in bulk from its vendor, Giesecke and Devrient (PDF on the “GO CARD”, the specific design used for Smartrip). According to … Continue reading

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>Metro’s "Worst Performing" Bus Lines: How reliable are they?

> In an earlier post, I took a look at WMATA’s Metrobus performance data for 2007.  In it, Metro highlights the "worst performing" lines based on ridership and financial performance data.  The criteria for good performance are: More than 300 … Continue reading

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