>Metro Customer Service: No More Direct Emails


WMATA has been pretty good about responding to emails sent directly to their customer service email address, csvc@wmata.com.  However, based on a recent response I got, everyone is going to have to start using their customer response form on the web:

This address is no longer active for direct email communication to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro).  We regret any inconvenience.
If you wish to send a customer comment, suggestion, or complaint, please log on to the Metro Web site at www.wmata.com and click on the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the Home Page, then use the "Customer Comment Form" link.

Having more people use the form will probably improve the quality of responses, since it prompts you for information that you might leave out, like the train route, direction and time of day.  For people who might submit more than one question occasionally, knowing what information is helpful to WMATA will guide what information they write down at the scene (like bus vehicle number or route) and will also improve the quality of responses.  I know that if I had a problem with a train, it’s easiest for them if you get the railcar number (located at each end of the vehicle on the inside and outside).

On the other hand, for people who use blackberries or mobile devices, using a web form on a site that wasn’t designed for mobile devices is pretty inconvenient.  That was one of the advantages of being able to email the customer service address directly.

Fortunately, the Board of Directors still receives email directly at boardofdirectors (at) wmata (dot) com.

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I'm an engineer and father interested in transit, parking and economics.
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