>Petition regional governments for more Metro funding


If you don’t have time to read, click here to sign Coalition for Smarter Growth’s petition to local government officials asking for more financial support for Metro.

We’ve recently discussed Metro’s funding shortfalls, in the current fiscal year (about $22M based on declining ridership and revenues), for next fiscal year (projected at about $100M due to high cost growth in Metroaccess and employee compensation, and a reduction in advertising revenues), and about $3B for the next 10-year capital funding cycle (where the needs include track maintenance, new storage and maintenance facilities, and new railcars/buses).

Coalition for Smarter Growth, a little organization (only five staff members) with a big impact, now has a petition to local elected officials to request that they fully fund Metro’s needs.  Here’s the text of the petition:

“I urge you to commit to fully funding our region’s Metro System, which is the lifeblood of the Washington region. Our roads and transit systems depend on your leadership to maintain Metro as a world-class transit system.

1) Commit to providing Metro with sufficient annual operating funds.
2) Meet Metro’s needs for $11.4 Billion in capital improvements over the next ten years. This money should come from all levels of government — local, state, and federal.

This effort is crucial to keeping Metro operating.  With the recent Board guidance to General Manager Catoe, he is required to propose enough cost reductions, including service cuts, to balance the budget for next year.  The Board wants to consider only small inflationary fare increases and does not expect an increase in operating subsidy next year.  With the two sources of revenue constrained, that could mean fairly substantial cuts in service.  We need to ask our local elected leaders to make a commitment to Metro.  Please sign the petition today.


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I'm an engineer and father interested in transit, parking and economics.
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3 Responses to >Petition regional governments for more Metro funding

  1. judabomber says:

    >Michael,I really like your blog, the information you put out is most useful.On this topic, what are your thoughts about Fairfax County's recommendation to eliminate the Fairfax County segment of the 11Y bus? Do you have a feel for what portion of the total cost share Fairfax accounts for?Your thoughts are most appreciated,Michael Jewison

  2. judabomber says:

    >You might want to check out this link, page 104http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/fcdot/pdf/tdp/chapter_7.pdf

  3. Michael says:

    >Here's what I know about the 11Y:In 2008, its on-time performance (around 70%) was below the average and the median for all Metrobus routes.The bus line is considered a "regional line" which means that the costs are shared among all regional partners. To the extent that eliminating this segment eliminates route miles and revenue hours within Fairfax County, it will reduce their contribution to the regional bus cost share. As far as costs go, this bus has fairly high cost recovery, but it's not clear how much of that effect is because of its trips from much denser Alexandria, including Hunting Towers, which is a very large apartment and condo complex.I have to say I agree with the staff report you linked. Half the ridership comes from a very short segment in Alexandria, and the other half takes up a lot of the route mileage and time. Personally, I wouldn't go to bat for this line compared to other lines in the system. On the other hand, the line is fairly cheap to operate, at only $0.5M per year (2008).

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