>Video: The History of Parking


Dr. Shoup, author of "The High Cost of Free Parking", one of my favorite books,  linked "Parking Public" (video embedded below) on Facebook.  I think it’s worth a look.  Lots of great 1940’s and 1950’s footage of the downtown urban environment, as well as discussion on the origin of modern parking regulations.


Happy New Year, everyone!

Video courtesy "The Temporary Travel Office", with a hat tip to Don Shoup.

About perkinsms

I'm an engineer and father interested in transit, parking and economics.
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2 Responses to >Video: The History of Parking

  1. Mark says:

    >Do you have a transcript? I don’t want to spend 13 minutes ‘watching’ something I could read in less than a minute.

  2. thm says:

    >Interesting subject, of course, but as Mark hints, this sort of documentary bugs me a little. It’s a rather thin exposition–a transcript probably could be read in a minute and is probably no longer than a decent blog post–combined with stock footage that is tangentially related to the presentation.It seems that in recent years, the History channel, and others like it, have offered up a mountain of programming with similar characteristics. I suspect that the advent of relatively cheap non-linear digital video editing is largely responsible.

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