>Metro launches new web site


Metro just launched a new version of its web site.  The content is for the most part the same, it’s just better organized than before.  The front page ride guide now has some sort of AJAX processing so it can give you suggestions as you type, more topics are organized by transit function, such as "Rail" or "Bus".  I’ve been able to find all the hidden corners of the site that I use to get information.

Something interesting I hadn’t noticed before was Metro’s list of center platform stations, used by people with disabilities to get where they are going much faster than waiting for a shuttle in the event of a platform elevator out of service. 

Overall, I like the design and the new site.  It definitely fixed the biggest problem I saw with the old site, which was the likelihood that a new visitor to the DC region would be utterly lost upon loading the old site.  This one has the ride guide at the top left, the most prominent spot on the page, and then along the top the maps and stations page, a link to the PIDS system data for the next train arrival, and the new user’s guide.


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I'm an engineer and father interested in transit, parking and economics.
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