>Minnesota Ballot Recount: How hard is determining voter intent?


I enjoyed taking a look at these challenged ballots from the Senate race in Minnesota.  For some of these, it’s really hard to try to figure out what the voter wanted.  Especially the voter who bubbled in next to Al Franken, sort of crossed the bubble out and then wrote “Lizard People” in the write-in block just like he had for some other ballot contests.  Other challenges are just asncomical, where a voter bubbled in next to both Al Franken and Norm Coleman, then drew a single line through Al Franken’s name.  This one’s a simple vote for Coleman, right?  Franken’s team challenged the ballot, stating that the voter intended to underline Franken’s name (the line goes through the center of “AL FRA”, then slopes down underneath “NKEN”).

Bubble in next to the name.  If you can’t do that, make it really, really clear what you meant.

Here’s a slideshow of the challenged ballots, but it’s more fun to vote on how you’d rule if you were an elections judge.

Source: Minnesota Public Radio, hat tip to electoral-vote.com


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One Response to >Minnesota Ballot Recount: How hard is determining voter intent?

  1. Tom A. says:

    >I had a blast voting on those, and I nearly always agreed with the masses.

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