>My estimates on number of Metro transit passes were not too bad


Earlier this year, I estimated the number of transit passes sold by WMATA.  This week, WMATA published their estimate (see page 15).  Here they are:

  My Estimate WMATA Report
Short Rail Pass 2,433 per week 1,800-2,100 per week
Rail Fast Pass 3,842 per week 3,000-3,600 per week
Bus Flash Pass 19,572 per week 35,000 per week

In my analysis, I explicitly overestimated the number sold by assuming that an increase in price would not decrease the number sold.    I don’t know why I was so far off for the bus passes, but for the rail passes, I’m glad I was pretty close.


About perkinsms

I'm an engineer and father interested in transit, parking and economics.
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