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I got my absentee ballot in the mail, filled it out, got my wife to witness, and mailed it.  For Arlington residents, there are some additional ballot questions beyond President, Senator, Congressman, County Board, and School Board.  There is a ballot question to start an Arlington County Housing Authority, and four bond referenda:  $10M for "Metro" (let’s assume they mean WMATA), $10.8M for "Community Infrastructure", $50M for "Utilities", and $99.425M for "Arlington Public Schools".

I found the Arlington County website on the matter.  They have a PDF explaining the bond referenda.

The Democratic endorsements are Obama/Biden, Mark Warner, Jim Moran, Barbara Favola, Libby Garvey and Emma Violand-Sanchez.  The Democratic Party passed resolutions in support of the bond referenda and against the housing authority ballot question.

I did not find any Republican Party resolutions about the bond issues or the housing authority ballot question after looking at their site, the endorsements for national ballot candidacies (McCain/Palin, Jim Gilmore, Mark Ellmore) are here.  The GOP is not running or endorsing any candidates for local election.

The Arlington Green Party is endorsing the housing authority ballot question, and running a candidate for County Board.

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