>Capital Criterium – Short Course Racing on the Streets of Washington DC


Photo Courtesy Steve Wampler on FlickrA criterium is a cycling race held on a closed short course, usually on urban streets.  These are exciting races, for a number of reasons.  Unlike the Tour de France, where you can stand alongside the road and see all the riders pass by once, you can stand by the road and watch the riders pass by a number of times.  You can also easily move to different locations so you can see the riders in turns, on straightaways, and on a little hill.  The turns are tight, and you can typically stand very close to the action.  I’ve been to the past three CSC Invitational bike races held in Clarendon, and had a good time each time.

Washington, DC is hosting the the first Capital Criterium next Sunday, September 21.  The course is as depicted here:

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The race will include Olympic and Professional riders, including TdF 5th place finisher Christian Vande Velde of team Garmin Chipotle. 

If anyone is interested in meeting up, I’ll be arriving around 10:30am to see the children’s race (200 meters for under 7, 1 lap for the older kids up to 11).  I’ll have my cell phone with me, email michael@infosnack.org for the number.  If anyone is interested in going to lunch during the Men’s race (it’s about 1:45 long, from 11:30 until 85 laps are complete), I can put together a table at Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, also on the map above.  Please post a comment either here or on GGW so I know what size table to arrange.

Criterium photo Courtesy Steve Wampler on Flickr


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4 Responses to >Capital Criterium – Short Course Racing on the Streets of Washington DC

  1. Mark says:

    >> children's race (200 meters for under 7That's a crazy short race, even for little kids. How -slow- can you ride a bike? Maybe, medium walking speed, so, 3 mph? Even at that speed, the 'race' would take less than 2.5 minutes!

  2. Michael says:

    >It’s usually tricycles and bikes with training wheels for kids that little. And yes, it is a crazy short race, but it’s a lot of fun to watch. My son isn’t anywhere close to being old enough to compete, but rest assured I’ll give him the opportunity when he’s older.

  3. Mark says:

    >If only you could combine it monkeys riding tricycles. Or better, monkeys + tricycles + beer.

  4. Geoff says:

    >That kids race sounds like a recipe for disaster: band-aids, tears etc.

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