>Light Posting this Week

>In case you haven’t figured it out so far, there will be light posting until Monday because I’m on vacation in California.

When I return, photos and a report from riding the VTA light rail in San Jose, CA, from riding the Market St. Railway in San Francisco, CA, and some smart growth-related photos and commentary from San Jose, Capitola and Santa Cruz, CA.

In the meantime, I’d enjoy hearing from you in the comments. What would you like to hear more about?


About perkinsms

I'm an engineer and father interested in transit, parking and economics.
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3 Responses to >Light Posting this Week

  1. Mark says:

    >I’d like you to blog more on what a terrible idea corn ethanol is, and how the average American (unless he’s employed at a corn far, fertilizer plant, or ethanol plant) is hurt greatly by the laws requiring large production of this inefficient fuel. (Note: as a fuel additive to raise the octane number and allow us to not use lead is a big plus, but we were already doing that.)

  2. >Awesome.”I hope he tells us to burn our pants.. these things are driving me nuts!”

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