>Arlington Public Schools’ I-66 Garage

>Recently on Greater Greater Washington, there’s been some interest in the parking garage above I-66 between N Stafford Street and N Quincy Streets. I made some calls to find out the story behind the garage.

The garage was constructed as part of the I-66 development. For the construction, Arlington Public Schools donated the land to VDOT, who constructed the parking garage, which was leased to Arlington County, who then leased the garage to APS. For a fee of $1, the APS has a 99-year lease (until 2082).

The parking structure has six decks in two levels. Of the six, five are used for parking and one (Deck C) is a roller hockey rink. One of the five decks is available to the public for free for any use, and the other four are reserved during weekdays for use by APS. Some spaces are reserved for faculty and students (seniors only) from nearby Washington-Lee High School, while others are reserved for APS’ main office (Education Center) also located off of N Quincy Street nearby.

I spoke with someone from Arlington Public Schools, who told me that during the school year, the commuter deck (Deck E, off of 15th St N) fills up between 6:30 and 7:30am with commuters. Additionally, many high school students, frustrated with the lack of student parking available, sometimes try to find a space on Deck E. Normally, W-L Seniors are eligible to purchase a $25 yearly hang tag which allows them to try to find a space on the student’s deck. Illegal parking is enforced by Arlington County Police, who can ticket or tow offending parkers.

During the nights and weekends, the parking structure is open to the public without restriction. It’s located about a half-mile north of the Ballston metro station.

When school is out for the summer, parking restrictions are not officially loosened, but enforcement is not as strict. My contact at APS did not know of any expected future changes to parking policies or use.

Thanks to my contact at APS, who asked that a name not be used.


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I'm an engineer and father interested in transit, parking and economics.
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