>Metro development committee quote

>WMATA is considering not requiring a temporary parking lot at the Rhode Island Avenue station while a development project is being constructed on the existing parking lot. Although the developer agreed to provide an alternate parking location and to provide a free shuttle bus, WMATA staff have proposed not requiring the temporary parking because some riders would be tempted to walk from the temporary lot instead of taking the shuttle, and make the at-grade crossing of the CSX rail lines.

I believe it was Marion Barry of DC that was very concerned about the impact this would have on ridership. To him, reducing the ~200 people that drive to the station and use Metrorail is a concern.

On the other hand, Chris Zimmerman of Arlington was not concerned. “Surface parking at an urban transportation station is a waste of space. This development could be the catalyst for removing the station parking altogether. The development includes an above-ground structured parking garage, which I understand to be permanent. In my jurisdiction, this would not be the way we would go. But that’s just my opinion.”*

I think Mr. Zimmerman has it exactly right and I hope his sentiments continue as the county considers what to do with the East Falls Church parking lot.

*I may not have the quote perfectly, and if someone gets a transcript or if Mr. Zimmerman or his staff want to correct the statement, I’m more than willing.


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I'm an engineer and father interested in transit, parking and economics.
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