>DC "One Card" system – a transit card for everybody

>According to this staff proposal before the WMATA Finance, Administration and Oversight Committee meeting on Thursday, June 12, WMATA is looking into working with the DC government to incorporate Smartrip card technology into driver’s licenses, student IDs and even library cards and parks/recreation IDs.

WMATA will make sure that the cards work with future technology, and DC will provide the funding needed to procure the cards.

I think this is a great idea with some potential hangups. I’m on my fourth Smartrip card (I got one of the silver 25th anniversary cards when I arrived in DC, then I got two standard cards, now I have a commemorative Nationals card). Each one has worn out due to being sat on constantly (I keep it in my wallet closest to the outside. When it breaks (a break in one of the wires that forms the pickup loop), it’s relatively easy to call customer service and order a new one, but if the card is also your Driver’s license, will it be that easy, or will you have to go to the DMV to pick the new card up? I know one of my friends had to show up in person to pick up vanity license plates, so I assume the DMV will not be comfortable sending you a replacement license. I could be wrong.

Update: This was previously reported by Gearlog.

Update 2: It looks like according to the DC government, driver’s license won’t be a part of One Card, and replacing the card should be possible at libraries and rec centers.

Update 3: Passed in committee without discussion because it costs WMATA nothing. Other jurisdictions represented (Maryland, Arlington County, Fairfax County) seemed interested in seeing how successful the program is.

Update 4: WMATA issued a press release on the matter.


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I'm an engineer and father interested in transit, parking and economics.
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