>Fraction of income on gas

>The New York Times has an informative graphic about how much people spend (as a fraction of income) on gasoline. Some areas of the country spend more than 10% on gas, up to 16%. The worst areas are the northern regions of the gulf coast states, probably due to a combination of low average income and high auto dependence.

We’ve seen stories recently about small cars becoming more popular, about large SUVs being retired in place, about new higher demand for transit, even a town in Alabama that has essentially become isolated because nearby jobs don’t pay well enough to cover transportation costs.

I think one of the next stages is for informal carpooling, like “slug lines” to become more popular, especially if some sort of compensation can be arranged for drivers. Right now, slugging is supposed to be (by informal agreement) free for the rider, but the supply of drivers is decreasing because gas is so expensive. If the driver could ask for $2 each way per rider for gas, that would pay for about 20 miles of that person’s half of gas consumption, which would go a long way to encouraging people to drive and pick up slugs.


About perkinsms

I'm an engineer and father interested in transit, parking and economics.
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