>Create your own federal budget

>From American Public Media (Producers of Marketplace), here’s the interactive game, “Budget Hero”.

This game has great production values, presents the information clearly, allows you to set priorities and gives good feedback on the results. My draconian plan to cut entitlement benefits for the wealthy while raising carbon taxes and gasoline taxes resulted in a smaller government that self-identified libertarians, republicans, democrats, the poor and the wealthy. I also managed to keep the budget from blowing up until 2057, and cut the debt from 40% of GDP to 17% of GDP.

Give the game a shot and provide your results in comments, I’d like to see how others stack up.

Hat tip to Freakonomics Blog.


About perkinsms

I'm an engineer and father interested in transit, parking and economics.
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One Response to >Create your own federal budget

  1. Michael says:

    >I put in my interpretation of John McCain’s positions on taxes, spending and the budget and got the debt up to 46% of GDP in 2018, the budget busts in 2033 and the government is 20% of GDP.

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