>This weekend CSC Invitational Arlington

>I’ll be attending the CSC Invitational Bike Race in Arlington VA this weekend. Correction, I’ll be going when the actual race is, on June 1.

There are a number of races, but I’ll probably be at the Men’s professional 100km bike race. The interesting part of the race is that the course is only 1 km long, so unlike the longer bike races like the Tour de France, you get to see the bikers pass 100 times during the race. The downside is that it’s unlikely that a significant “break” will form (a group of riders out ahead of the main group) because the maximum lead they can get is about 800 meters, which is about 2 minutes at race speed.

The first time I went, the major strategy was to see if a team could send a strong rider out in front to see if he could catch a rider from the back of the main group. I don’t know if they changed the rules but it’s not currently allowed to draft off of people you’ve lapped (or nearly lapped).

The great part of the race is that it’s in downtown Clarendon, which has a lot of great restaurants and shops, so if you get bored with watching bikes whiz by, you can get lunch or a beer or just do some shopping. If you’re in the Arlington, VA area on Saturday, I highly recommend it. Metro to Clarendon, or bike in on the Custis Trail (exit at Lee Highway and take N Kirkwood St.

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I'm an engineer and father interested in transit, parking and economics.
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