>WMATA and Smartrip Passes

>One of my proposed improvements for WMATA is to allow passes (unlimited monthly/weekly rides) to be loaded onto Smartrip.

Currently there are three major pass products:

Rail Weekly ($39.00) – good for any rail trip

Short Rail Weekly ($26.40) – good only for rail trips up to $2.65. If your trip costs more than that, you have to manually add value at an addfare machine.

Bus pass ($11.00) – good for any local bus.

All of these are available as paper farecards. It would be beneficial if the passes were available on Smartrip (contactless smart card), and had automatic repurchasing by linking to a credit card.

It appears that on 2/28/08, WMATA approved funding ($360,000 – billed to DC government, see IX.F of the agenda, or the approved minutes) to move the DC public school system from a paper farecard pass to a Smartrip-based pass for students ($26 per month). Hopefully some of that funding is going toward upgrading the Smartrip software and technology so that other passes can be loaded other than the DC school pass.


About perkinsms

I'm an engineer and father interested in transit, parking and economics.
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