>Book Review – "Where Does the Money Go? Your Guide to the Federal Budget Crisis"

>I just finished reading the book, “Where does the Money Go?” Here’s an interview with PBS’ Bill Moyers and the authors:

Bill Moyers interview with the authors

If you are at all interested, go buy this book and read it. Then, write your congressman and both senators, as well as any candidate for office you know. Go to the Concord Coalition website and use the guide (PDF) they have for writing candidates.

For info, the following things will not balance the budget:

Ending the War in Iraq/Afghanistan
Repealing the “Bush” tax cuts
Eliminating earmarks/pork
Cutting fraud, waste, and abuse
Ending farm subsidies
Eliminating foreign aid

The book gives a clear picture off what the budget is made of, as well as the problems we have right now balancing it, and the future problems with entitlement spending. The authors debunk some common budget myths as well as discuss some proposed solutions like those above that won’t be enough to solve the problem. There’s a worksheet in the back for you to try to balance the budget yourself.

The book has a homepage with links to more articles by the authors as well as interviews, video and podcasts here.

I highly recommend this book. If you are willing to read the book and write your politicians about the problem, I will seriously consider purchasing the book for you as a gift or arranging for you to read it for free. Please leave a comment if you’re interested or send me an email at mperkins (at) engineer (dot) com.


About perkinsms

I'm an engineer and father interested in transit, parking and economics.
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