>On the Horizon

>I expect many interesting papers to come from the Peter G. Peterson Foundation:


Founder Peter Peterson:

“I have been around a very long time, and I have never seen so many simultaneous
challenges that I would describe as undeniable, unsustainable and virtually
untouchable politically,” said Mr. Peterson, Senior Chairman of The Blackstone
Group and former U.S. Commerce Secretary. “We’ve reached the make or break
point in American history. These problems have reached tidal proportions
and festered for more than two decades due to political irresponsibility – now
is the time to put politics aside and put the country first, and begin to solve
these problems with courage and clarity. This is the moment in our history
when we do what is necessary to remain a first class country.”

Stay tuned for more. They’ve hired as the CEO the former Comptroller
General of the GAO, David Walker.

About perkinsms

I'm an engineer and father interested in transit, parking and economics.
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